Good baitfish imitator

The streamer to the left is a simple bucktail black and white streamer that works very well in both streams and lakes. It is easy to tie for a new tier and has been a favorite for well seasoned anglers and tiers. Often times when fishing streamers you can often hook into bigger trout. Drifting and stripping the fly are all methods that work.

Streamer flies often imitate bait-fish such as minnows. They can also imitate leeches, crayfish, scuplins and other large under water food sources. Tying hair wing streamer patterns are basically tied the same way. Learn to tie one well and the other patterns will become very easy. 

Classic patterns to include are the Royal Coachman Streamer, Silver and Black Bucktail (there are many bucktail patterns), Wooly Buggers in various colors, Leech Patterns, Grand Lady of the Range, Queen of the Waters and many, many others. 


Hook: 8-14 3X or 4X Long Streamer Hook

Thread: Black 6/0-12/0

Tail: None

Body: Flat Silver Tinsel Over-wrapped with Silver Oval Tinsel

Wing: Mix of White and Black Bucktail 

Royal Coachman

An old time favorite

The Royal Coachman pictured left is a very versatile attractor pattern that makes a great streamer pattern. It is a historic pattern tracing its roots back to England in the mid 1800’s. It can also be tied as a wet fly, emerger and dry fly. All three styles attract fish very well. It is one of the first streamers I have ever fished many years ago and caught my first rainbow trout is a small PA stream. I’ve been tying these these for over 50 years.

Hook: 2-10 3X or 4X Streamer Hook

Thread: Black 6/0-12/0

Tail: Golden Pheasant Tippets

Body: Peacock Herl Front and Rear-Red Floss Mid Body

Wing: White Calf Tail 

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