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 Below are many links to online shops, manufacturers and fly tying links of interest. If you have a local shop near you, I would encourage you to support your local fly fly shop.

The online fly shops listed below are not affiliated with my website nor have I used every one that is listed. I highly suggest you investigate the shops listed below before you place an order. 


 Anglers All  I have used this shop many times. Orders have always shipped out promptly to me, usually the same day. Located in Colorado.

 AvidMax Another favorite of mine. One of my weekly go to shops online. Again orders usually ship the same day if ordered early in the day or usually the next day. Another shop located in Colorado.

 Wholesale Fly Company One of my absolute favorite place for hooks, beads, cones and much more. This is my go to place for hooks. Currently the price on hooks is $7.00 a hundred and the quality of hooks that I have received is as good as or better than any of the big names. I have ordered numerous times from them. They usually ship my order out in hours after ordering. The best kept secret in hooks, beads and small tying tools. Located in Pennsylvania.

J Stockard Fly Fishing  They have a big online catalog and carry all the big names and materials for fly tying. They are another company I have used many times. They have a catalog that can be ordered as well. All my orders have shipped promptly. Located in Connecticut. 

Reel Fly Rod I have ordered from them a few times since the Pandemic began. Orders shipped out usually in a day or two. A very nice company to deal with. Messages were promptly answered. They have a large selection of vises and waders along with rod and reels.  Located in Ohio.

Feather-Craft Fly Fishing  Another excellent online retailer with a nice online and print  catalog. I have also ordered from them many times. They carry a large selection of fly fishing and fly tying supplies. I’d recommend them. Located in Missouri.

Fly Fish Food  An online shop for fly tying materials and tools. They also have prenty of fly fishing Gear to choose from. They carry a large selection of hackle at times when available. Located in Utah. Most of my orders shipped within a day or two. I don't order saddles from them anymore.

Mad River Outfitters They have a good selection of fly fishing gear and tying material. They do quiet a few fly tying videos too. Located in Ohio.

Orvis  I use to shop Orvis a lot 30 years ago. I had a local Orvis shop that really catered to fly tyers. The owner retired and the shop closed. I hated to see it go. The catalog in my opinion is not what it was years ago. They seemed to be more interested in clothing sales now days. I have a Orvis shop about an hour away but their fly tying material isn’t much at all. I seldom use them these days. Tom Rosenbauer of Orvis does a monthly online tying video. Tom is a great guy and has done much for the fly fishing and tying community.

Tom Rosenbauer Tom has done much for our hobby and deserves a mention here. He still does online tying demonstrations monthly. His tying competitions he does with  Tim Flagler is fun to watch. Tom has written many books and his willingness to share with us his tying and fly fishing skills has made him a legend in the business.

Ed’s Fly Shop  I have not ordered from Ed’s but they have a good selection of tools and materials. Located in Colorado

Little River Outfitters Located in Tennessee they have an online catalog that looks pretty good although I have not ever ordered from them.

TCO Fly Shop 30 years in the business and still growing. Based in my birthplace, Pennsylvania they have 4 locations. I have used them in the past with excellent success.

Regal Vise One of my favorite vises. I’ve use them for 30+ years. A top quality vise.

Dyna-King A favorite vise maker of mine. I used a Dyna-King Professional vise for the 10 years that I tied commercially. I can’t tell you how Many 1000’s of flies went through that vise. Excellent vises.

Peak Fly Tying Vises An American made fly tying vise at a reasonable price.

Norvise Founded by Norm Norlander, Norm was the inventor and owner of Norvise before passing the company off to new owners. I met Norm many times at various shows throughout the Northeast. Norm was a passionate man always soft spoken and tied some very nice trout flies on his fly tying system. He is missed.

HMH HMH has been making vises since 1975. Their latest vise, the TRV was inspired by the Law Vise. I tie often on my HMH Standard vise.  The machining and finishing on the Standard vise is top quality. You you appreciate a quality vise, look into the HMH Standard.

Jim's Fly Co  Without a doubt, the number one place in the USA for Whiting, Metz and Jimco hackle. The quanity of available capes is just unreal. Quick to ship and prices are very good.

Catskill Fly Fishing Museum The Catskill Fly Fishing Museum is rich in Catskill fly tying and the history of it. They are preserving the heritage of fly fishing and fly tying in the Catskills of New York.

American Museum of Fly Fishing  During one of my trips to Vermont I toured the museum. It is home to the fly fishing history, traditions and practices and promotes the conservation of its waters.

Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum Promotes and preserves the history of fly fishing in Pennsylvania and its role in the conservation of natural resources. 


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