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My website is mostly about old school, classic trout flies. What you will find here are flies that are dear to my heart and have been catching fish for me forever. Growing up in the Pocono Mountain Area of Pennsylvania, I have fished all over the states of Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire and New Jersey. Catskill style  flies are my favorite flies to tie and fish as are many Pennsylvania local patterns. I have tied flies and fly fished  close to 50 years. For about 10 of those years, I tied flies commercially for area shops.

The Pocono Mountain area as well as South Central Pennsylvania both have rich fly fishing and fly tying  history.

Many fly patterns have been created here by the great fly tyers who came before us. To them, we owe our sincere gratitude. We will try and cover many of these patterns as our website grows and matures. We will features our favorite patterns, their history and how-to’s on tying some as well. 

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Fly Types

Dry Flies

There is something special when a trout takes a dry fly or spinner that you tied off the waters surface and the fight begins. During a hatch, trout can feed cautiously, but will take your dry fly if it is presented properly. Read More

Dry Flies I

Dry Flies II


When no hatches or trout are feeding visibly on the surface, this calls for nymphs, emergers and wet fly patterns to be used.  Read More

The Klinkhåmer Emerger - Read More


Over the years many effective streamer patterns have emerged and when water is high or discolored they can save the day. Read More

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